Top View provide the technical service of the 1945'-1992' history remote sensing image to the Tongzhou


Tongzhou, located in southeast Beijing, is considered as the capital's eastern gate. It is at the north end of Grand Canal and the east end of Chang'an Avenue. Tongzhou is 37 km wide from east to west and 48 km from north to south, covering an area of 906.27 square kilometers.

Tongzhou has a long history of more than 220 years since its foundation in Xihan Dynasty. Relics unearthed in Tongzhou indicates that human beings had lived here as early as the Neolithic Age; In 195 BC, Liu Bang, the first Emperor of Xihan dynasty, set up the county here; In 25 AD, the first year of Donghan dynasty, the emperor Liu Xiu renamed it as Lu County; In 1151 AD, when the ruling power was the Jin dynasty, the emperor--King Hai Ling set up a new feudal province and renamed County Lu as Tongzhou since the Chinese character Tong could fully describe the importance of the Great Canal in transportation; In 1914, Tongzhou was renamed Tong County; In 1997, it was, by the State Councilis confirmation, renamed Tongzhou and became one of the districts in Beijing.