A New Satellite Resurs-P Was Successfully Launched


Published: 2013-07-25 Source by: Original


      The Resurs-P satellite was successfully launched from the Baikonur launch site.
      On June 25 Moscow time, Resurs-P remote sensing spacecraft was successfully launched into its preset orbit. Resurs-P can provides high-resolution panchromatic images with resolution of higher than 1m and swath width of 38km, high-resolution multispectral images, spectral bands of 4m resolution and  swath width of 38km. In addition, The satellite has two attachments sensors. One is hyperspectral sensor which resolution is 25m, at least 96 bands. The other one is multispectral sensor which resolution is 12-120m, swath width is 97-441km. 
      The active life of Resurs-P expectancy will be more than five years and as its predecessor Resurs-DK1 has been running for seven years.