Top View has officially been the exclusive agent of the Kanopus-V/BelKA-2 satellite images and the business of data distribution in China region.


      Published: 2013-05-20 Source by: Original


      Kanopus-V/BelKA-2 satellite, which is the binary constellation launched in July 2012, can stably provide the 2.5m panchromatic and 10m multi-spectral satellite images by ground control system debug and commercial pre-acquisition.

      The Kanopus-V/BelKA-2 satellite can ensure the accuracy of the image based on the ability of rapid return visit,  acquisition and 20*20 kilometer image width. At the same time, the commercialization of The Kanopus-V/BelKA-2 brings more and faster image customization services for the global users.

      Top View has been the exclusive agent of Kanopus-V/BelKA-2 satellite images and data distribution in China region since May 1, 2013.

      Top View will take advantage of images sales and technical services experience for years to provide sweeter and professional spatial information services for users in various Chinese fields.