Top View has completed the history remote sensing image project of the Qinghai


Published: 2012-10-01  Source by: Original


      The study area locate in Qinghai province, the area is 2900 meters above sea level, the landslides are intensive, the environmental disasters are serious frequent. According to the 8 period in different periods of history image, research the loess landslide, analysis the specific of the geological disaster in 60 years.

      From the analysis results, from 1960’ to 2012’, the southeastern region landslide phenomenon relatively serious by the rivers of impact, the northwest area not easy to landslide, the area change slightly. The total area mainly in farmland, according to local geological environment and hydrological conditions, excessive agricultural irrigation area caused by the rise of ground water level, it’s the important factors to induce the loess landslide. Not only effect on the local residents living standards, but also do damage to agriculture, water conservancy, hydropower and transportation