Top View party branch commemorate 9/18 Incident


Published: 2012-9-20  Source by: Original


      September 18 is the 81th anniversary "9/18 Incident". 81 years ago, Japan has launched the aggressive ''9/18 Incident" against China, Japan began to invade China from that day.

      In honor of the ''9/18 Incident'', the party branch Beijing Top View Technology Co., Ltd organized all staff to hold an patriotic education activity that called ''Never forget the humiliation of the nation''.

     "Only the young generation keep working hard for the prosperity of the country, to achieve the Chinese nation's bright prospect on the road to revival. Starts with me, start from now, study hard, improve skill, make contribution to our country. '' All staff looked back the miserable  history of China, expressed a deep sense of patriotism.