Kanopus-V returns its first image


Published: 2012-8-31  Source by: Original


      The Kanopus-V Earth observation satellite is already sending back first image. It shows good quality of camera that things are going as planned, with a resolution of up to 2.1 meter. The Kanopus V was launched together with its twin - BelKA-2 satellite. They will be used together in constellation. So the collection capability of constellation, which includes satellite tasking, image acquisition, data reception and pre–processing will be greatly increased. The satellites will be able to receive high quality panchromatic and multispectral images with the spatial resolution of 2.1 m and 10.5 m in nadir accordingly.
      Kanopus–V satellite range of use:
      Land tenure tasks;
      Highly operational surveillance;
      Emergencies monitoring;
      Pollutant emissions detection;
      Water recourses and agriculture monitoring.