Top View take an active part in donating blood


     Published: 2012-3-17  Source by: Original


       The amount of blood donation without compensation personnel is decreasing because of cold weather since the winter. Blood library especially platelet stock in Tongzhou center blood station often issued a warning signal. As such, tongzhou center blood station calls for all enterprises and institutions and citizens to actively participate in blood donation through the media.

        In order to further promote the spirit of the Red Cross-"humanity, love and dedication", and promote the healthy development of the blood donation work of Tongzhou, Beijing Top View Technology Co., Ltd. staff take an active part in donating blood on March 17, 2012 to Tongzhou center blood station. Blood donors orderly register, physical examination, testing and blood sampling. According to the introduction of the medical staff, some people actively select the platelet donation that is lacking most. In these donors, some donate blood for the first time, some have donated blood for many times, and the total individual cumulative is up to 4000ml or more. In the blood donation process, one staff said: "I have already offered two times, but do not feel anything. Some will have a reaction mainly because of the psychological cause", and also guided others to relax and do not have the psychological pressure.

        After three hours of  the blood sampling, all of us feel happy in the whole process. This activity is highly appreciated by the Tongzhou center blood staff. They hope more and more people can participate in free obligation blood donation activity.