The new age of Lei Feng's spirit


 Published: 2012-3-15   Source by: Original


      Mao Zedong published "learning from Comrade Lei Feng" in the People's Daily on March 5,1963. Then, the whole country lifted a climax to learn from Comrade Lei Feng. In the following decades, Lei Feng's spirit has become the symbol of serving the people heart and soul. Now, the annual March 5, has become the Memorial Day of learning from Lei Feng.

      Lei Feng's spirit, deeply engraved in the Chinese people's heart generation after generation, influences and encourages the Chinese generation after generation. The age connotation of Lei Feng's spirit embodies in the dedication spirit of serving the people and taking pleasure in helping people, the professional dedication of loving his job, the innovative spirit of forging ahead and striving constantly for self-improvement, the entrepreneurial spirit of struggling hard and saving money.