Top View provided high-resolution satellite remote sensing images for Tongzhou District of Beijing Public Security Bureau


     Published: 2011-11-02   Source by: Original


     November 1, 2011, Top View staff came to Network Supervisor detachment of Tongzhou District of Beijing Public Security Bureau, provided 0.5-meter high-resolution satellite remote sensing image data and maps of Tongzhou District 2011, and communicated and learned with the unit staff in the safe use of Internet.

     In recent years, with economic development and urban construction, Tongzhou has undergone enormous changes, high-resolution satellite remote sensing images have played a significant role in urban development and dynamic monitoring.

     Tongzhou District is located in southeast Beijing and considered the eastern gateway to Beijing. Tongzhou District borders the Beijing districts of Shunyi, Chaoyang and Daxing, Wuqing district of Tianjin and Langfang of Hebei province, and the entire district covers an area of 906 square kilometers. Downtown Tongzhou itself lies 12 miles from central Beijing and 10 miles from Beijing Capital International Airport, at the northern end of the Grand Canal (on the junction between the Tonghui Canal and the Northern Canal) and at the easternmost end of Chang'an Avenue. Tongzhou enjoys the same reputation as Beijing and Tianjin, and is the core hub sites of Circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea.