The geographical information industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Using remote sensing image to monitor the surface resource has become an effective method. People can acquire different kinds of multi-temporal, multispectral and multi-resolution data which can reflect the dynamic change of the surface. 

      With the large-scale commercialization of remote sensing image, more and more industries start to use the remote sensing image as an assistant method. But the absence of the professional persons makes the spread of remote sensing image become difficult. The TopView Image spatial information service platform developed by Beijing TopView Technology Co., Ltd. aims at helping non-professional users use remote sensing image more easily so that we can expand the scope of application of remote sensing image. TopView software can be used in massive image data management, digital result management, three-dimensional visualization of terrain, three-dimensional digital city and so on ,and it can also be used in many fields such as surveying and mapping, land, geology, military, ocean, engineering construction, urban planning in the meantime.