GeoEye-1—the world's highest resolution commercial earth-imaging satellite, launched on Sept. 6, 2008 by GeoEye, is equipped with the most sophisticated technology ever used in a commercial satellite system. It offers unprecedented spatial resolution by simultaneously acquiring 0.41-meter panchromatic and 1.65-meter multispectral imagery. The detail and geospatial accuracy of GeoEye-1 imagery further expands applications for satellite imagery in every commercial and government market sector.

    Satellite Characteristics
    •  Resolution : 
    The satellite collects at 0.41-meter panchromatic (black & white) and 1.65-meter multispectral resolution images.
Just as important, 3 meters of inherent geolocation accuracy has never before been achieved in any commercial imaging system.
    •  Daily Collection Capacity: 
    The satellite can collect up to 700,000 square kilometers of panchromatic (and up to 350,000 square kilometers of pan-sharpened multispectral) imagery per day. This capability is ideal for large scale mapping projects. 
    •  Revisit Frequency : 
    GeoEye-1 can revisit any point on Earth once every three days or sooner 



                                                                                               GEOEYE-1 Specifications

Spatial Resolution


Panchromatic Sensor

0.41 meters x 0.41 meters
(Imagery for commercial customers is resampled to 0.5m resolution)

Multispectral Sensor

1.65 meters x 1.65 meters

Spectral Range

450–800 nm

450–510 nm (blue)

510–580 nm (green)

655–690 nm (red)

780–920 nm (near IR)

Swath Width

15.2 km

Off-Nadir Imaging

Up to 60 degrees

Dynamic Range

11 bits per pixel

Mission Life

> 10 years

Revisit Time

Less than 3 days

Orbital Altitude

681 km

Nodal Crossing

10:30 a.m.