WorldView-3, launched in October 2014, Operating at an altitude of 617 kilometers, WorldView-3 provides 31 cm panchromatic resolution and 1.24 meter multispectral resolution. WorldView-3 offering incredible accuracy, agility, capacity and spectral diversity, allows DigitalGlobe to substantially expand its imagery product offerings to both commercial and government customers.  



Acquisition Time

October, 2014

Orbit Altitude(km)


Mission Life


Sensor Bands

Panchromatic, 8 Multispectral, 8 SEIR, 12 CAVIS

Sensor Resolution (GSD = Ground Sample Distance)

Panchromatic: 0.31 cm GSD at nadir

Multispectral:   1.85   m GSD at nadir

Dynamic Range

11 bits per pixel

Swath Width

13 kilometers at nadir

Revisit Frequency

1 days at 1 meter GSD or less

Geolocation Accuracy (CE90)

Specification of 3.5 m