OrthoMap is an RS image process software. It is used in image input/output, image correction, image mosaic, image clipping, image fusion, projection transformation, coordinate change and image rotating. OrthoMap based on advanced technique and friendly interface, could provide strong image processing support for GIS, RS and related fields.

     The predecessor of OrthoMap is a Former Soviet Union surveying and mapping software. Till now, it is developed for tens of years. Ascribed its advanced core algorithm and unique base technique, OrthoMap is in a leading position for years, its customers is from several countries at Europe, America, west Asia and so on. In this year, OrthoMap issues the version of 3.0, releasing at first in China, and it continues to provide professional spatial informational service for the 3S users around the world. 

     TopView ImageTMis independently developed by our company, which is the RS image management software for PC, mainly to deal with images display, query, positioning and other managing functions.
      TopView ImageTMis independently developed by our company, which is a network version of the remote sensing image management software. The main functions are images display, query, Web-based display, query and management of these images.