Beijing Top View Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2008. Top View is a professional spatial information service organization, providing remote sensing image distribution and related process software agency, image value-added service, project solution application and image management system development. We will always devote ourselves to providing optimal spatial information application and service.

       Top View has several international mid to high resolution satellites' image agencies, and also has valuable historical remote sensing image since 1920s which covered each stage over nearly a hundred years. We have established RS image resources which covered the longest time span, and it is the unique one in our country. Top View is recognized as Remote Sensing Image Museum of China. 
       From actual customers' needs, Top View provides customers with customized value-added service and solution like information extracting and image analysis. Top View has professional project team and technical team which are engaged in spatial information for several years. With resource and technical advantages, our technical staff studied continuously, and we formed our unique historical RS image process procedure in our country independently. Through abundant projects and tests, we developed our own unique opinion in mid to high resolution image processing.
       TopView software including TopView Image and TopView Explorer is a spatial information service platform with independent intellectual property autonomously developed by Beijing Top View Technology Co. Ltd.. TopView software can be used in massive image data management, digital result management, three-dimensional visualization of terrain and 3D digital city. Top View focuses on the users' needs of different industries and integrates massive image data to provide users with the most satisfying customized product services.
        Top View got the unique agency of professional RS image processing software OrthoMap in China region (including HongKong and Taiwan), and also established OrthoMap Technical Center of China - OTCC. All of our technical staff of OTCC have been technical training and selected strictly. They all have rich experience in spatial information field, and they can provide professional technical service for customers in time.
        Top View successfully got the attestation of GB/T19001- 2008 idt ISO9001 2008 and GJB 9001B - 2009 quality management system. All of our working progress is controlled by quality management system. With strict quality management system and clear quality goals and quality policy, product quality and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
        Top View started an irreplaceable and inimitable business model, opened up a new develop path of our industry. Focusing on customer needs, and being an international first class spatial information service organization' is our goal and service principle. Based on this, Top View will contribute to spatial information industry.