The scriptable nature of the underlying IDL language makes it easy to quickly create powerful graphic visualizations, 2D plots, graphs, maps, and image displays to complex, interactive 3D representations. The powerful IDL graphics engine is designed to leverage OpenGL hardware acceleration for rapid rendering. This means IDL can efficiently handle large data sets and output the graphics you need.
        IDL is a complete computing environment for the interactive analysis and visualization of data. IDL integrates a powerful, array-oriented language with numerous mathematical analysis and graphical display techniques.IDL programs run across all supported platforms with little or no modification. This application portability allows you to easily support a variety of computers.
        IDL users do not need to write a lot of traditional programs can be directly research data, and easy to use for novice. IDL is widely used in earth science, medical imaging, image processing, software development, testing technology, defense engineering, mathematical analysis and other areas. Currently, IDL is the latest and most advanced visual analysis and application development software tools.